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My Dear Mom

You are always so kind

Keeping me in mind

Often coming when I am out

To leave some gift behind

I know others feel the same

But I can’t say enough

About the different ways

That you show your love

So I pray to God aboveThat he will grant you good health

For many more years to come

Beacon of Love

You are not only my heart light

But the beacon of love

To your friend and neighbours as well

Every day when we talk

I hear of some kind act that you have done

It could be visiting a friend in hospital

Or making sure a neighbour’s grass is cut

By the care and repair

Or being a listening ear on another occasion

Even though you find it hard to hear

Nothing it too much trouble

That is why you are respected and loved

Even if it is not said

You Put other people ahead of yourself

It is noticed by not only those you love

But I am sure by God above

In the last blog I posted I wrote about how my mother was and is the most important person in my life. In the poem “My dear mom” I share how even more than 30 years later the relationship is the same if not stronger.

I now live in my own house with the help of four Personal Assistance who help me carry out every day tasks that I cannot do or have difficulty in doing.

The result of having this service means that mom no longer has to physically take care of me but emotionally she still give me great support and advise when I ask for it.

This poem “ My dear mom” is the second version. The first version was lost from the computer and I couldn’t find the printer version. However the thoughts in this version are the same or similar.

The poem “ Beacon of love” expresses the acts of care and generosity that she shows to other people. I can hear about them from mom herself or somebody else would tell me. She doesn’t complain to me or to others even though she mind be tired after the fact or find things difficult because of poor sight or difficulty with hearing.

She just does the best even if it takes a little longer or if you need to speak a little louder.

To me she is an extremely lady with a beautiful heart who just keeps going when others of the similar age or younger mind not be so willing or able to help others in the way she does.



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