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A friend once said to me, “Turn your disability into an ability” and that has been My Mantra ever since.


I started painting in 1991. The Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA)  began offering a variety of classes, one of which was Art. I didn’t  think this class would be suited to me because I can’t draw.  However, friends already in the class encouraged me to give it a  try and I was surprised at the results. 

I first fell in love with the medium of watercolour and initially I  used it only because I thought it was most suited to my disability.  Most recently, I have switched to using the medium of acrylics,  which I find easier to use, given the current level of my disability. 

At first, I painted landscapes because of the ease with which I  could acquire subject matter. Since I was unable to access many  outside locations for painting, a postcard or photograph would  suffice as a model from which to work with. However, over time I  have become very attached to landscapes and see it as a way to  access parts of the world which otherwise would not be so  accessible to me! 

I have exhibited eleven times so far and am always looking for  opportunities to display my work. Friends and family commission  paintings from me on a wide variety of subject matter, and I enjoy  the process of understanding someone’s vision for a painting and  combining it with my own.

The history of Art Exhibitions I have been involved in: … 

The history of Art Exhibitions I have been involved in:

  • Blue Ginger Dun Laoghaire – 2014

  • Dun Laoghaire Rehab Care clarence House – 2010

  • Princess Grace Irish Library in Monaco – March 2009

  • Richmond Cheshire

  • The Blue Wave Art Exhibit

  • Windmill Exhibit

  • Pictures in my head

  • I accept payment through Paypal, money orders and personal cheque.

  • To order please visit my online shop.

  • I hold a BA and Masters of Literature in History, both from Trinity College Dublin.



I first started writing poetry when I was 15 years old and I have  been writing ever since. The writing actually came before the  painting because I found I could express my deepest thoughts and  feelings without much help. 

My writing inspirations are wide and varying, for example when  my twin nephews were christened, a national or international  event or a commission for a certain event. 

Published works: 

The Circle Published 2014 


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