A friend once said to me, “Turn your disability into an ability” and that has been My Mantra ever since.

I started painting in 1991. The Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) began offering a variety of classes, one of which was Art. I didn’t actually think it would be suitable because I can’t draw. However, my mum’s an artist so I thought it might be in my genes and decided to try it.

I fell in love with the medium of watercolour, but initially I used it only because it was the medium most suited to my disability. Acrylics and oils require you to keep applying paint to the canvas, whereas watercolour was much easier for me to control.

Painting landscapes over other themes happened in a similar way. At first, I painted landscapes because of the ease with which I could acquire subject matter. Since I was unable to access many outside locations for painting, a postcard or photograph would suffice as a model from which to work. However, over time I have become very attached to landscapes and see it as a way to access parts of the world which aren’t so accessible!

I’ve exhibited eleven times in total so far and am always looking for opportunities to display my work. Friends and family commission paintings from me on a wide variety of subject matter, and I enjoy the process of understanding someone’s vision for a painting and combining it with my own.

The history of Art Exhibitions I have been involved in:

  • Blue Ginger Dun Laoghaire – 2014

  • Dun Laoghaire Rehab Care clarence House – 2010

  • Princess Grace Irish Library in Monaco – March 2009

  • Richmond Cheshire

  • The Blue Wave Art Exhibit

  • Windmill Exhibit

  • Pictures in my head

  • I accept payment through Paypal, money orders and personal cheque.

  • To order please visit my online shop.

  • I hold a BA and Masters of Literature in History, both from Trinity College Dublin.