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I love writing poetry when I am inspired. The big moments in life  as much as the small moments inspire me. I have included a  sample of my writing below. Some of the poems are quite old and  may not reflect where I am now. However, they are a part of me,  in that they are representative of a time in my life. 


Over recent years, my writing activities have expanded to include  commissions of personalised sentiments for memorials and special  occasions. Whilst these occasions have been mainly sad, I accept  commissions for happy occasions too! Since the start of 2020, I  have been mainly focusing on my writing. 

To commission a piece of writing, simply email a brief description  of what you are looking for and we will go from there. My book “The Circle” is available to buy online.

My poetry in this book presents a twenty-five year journey  through good days and bad. You can buy “The Circle” in  paperback or eBook. 

Marble Surface

Why would I pretend

© Mary Collins 15-05-2006

I had everything to lose and nothing to gain by pretending to be In pain!

In May 97. I was in heaven when I travelled to ...

Marble Surface

The Circle

© Mary Collins 23-05-2005

It’s strange the way life goes

At a funeral I said hello to a baby of a friend...

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