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Please read a bit of what I have written over the years. Some of the poems below are quite old and might not reflect where I am now. However, they are a part of me in that they are representative of a time in my life.

Over recent years, my writing activities have expanded to include commissions of personalised sentiments for memoriams and special occasions.

Unfortunately, most of these occasions have been sad ones and I would take this opportunity to say that I accept commissions for happy occasions too!

To commission a piece of writing, simply email me with a brief description of what you are looking for and we will go from there.

My book “The Circle” is now available to buy online.

My poetry in this book presents a twenty-five year journey through good days and bad.

You can buy The Circle as Paperback and as eBook.

Marble Surface

Remembering Childhood
© 10 July 2009 Mary Collins

Dearest siblings

You are special

Marble Surface

I am Water
© Mary Collins 15-05-2007

I am water.


People can see their reflections in me.


Marble Surface

The Album
© Mary Collins 15-05-2007

As you start your walk down life’s highway together

Starting today

Marble Surface

The fighter

© Mary Collins 14-06-2007

You fought for me when I was a babe

Asking what where my chances

Marble Surface

Why would I pretend

© Mary Collins 15-05-2006

I had everything to lose and nothing to gain by pretending to be In pain!

In May 97. I was in heaven when I travelled to ...

Marble Surface

The Circle

© Mary Collins 23-05-2005

It’s strange the way life goes

At a funeral I said hello to a baby of a friend...