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Remembering Childhood

Dearest siblings

You are special

You were my role models

When our parents were away

Or buried in work


You would take me to Dollymount Strand

Hitched to the back of a bike

And bury me alive up to my neck in sand

And our voices would ring out in true laughter


You dear sister

Took me to Lourdes

When you were fifteen and I was eight

All on your own you cared for me

During that beautiful miraculous week


You dear brother

Played war games with me

Hit me in the eye with a pea

So I could only see Santa through my tears


These are but a few

Of the things which

You as a pair did

To make our childhood

Mean something

Even though we didn’t have money

We still found time to make

Our lives as threesome

All the more special

We had no iPods

No video games

Don’t see our childhood

As one of shame

See it as one

Where we try to light up

Each other’s lives

Through our own entertainment


That is why it is an honour

And a privilege to call you mine


You could have shunned me


But you hugged me


That is why I say

That as our lives

Go on

Let us not part

But make a new start

To embrace each other

With love


Don’t choose to feel bad

But be glad for what we had together

On our own as a threesome

I ask you now sadly

To please stay supporting me

As you did in those early days


I ask not for great deeds

But in small ways we can support one another

As two sisters and one brother


Let us care one another in positivity

As we three go on in life


Thank you for being you in me

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