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Your heart is a heart of golden sun,

The light you give,

Oh, it is so bright

It just radiates trough me

Whenever you smile,

Trough every trial,

You strive to win,

Never give up,

Let your light shine,

Forever, Mother,

Let your golden heart-light shine,

For it is the light of love,

The light of hope and of joy,

That sets my heart afire,

I have only one prayer,

And that is that the heart light

Of our love will never be quenched.

The poem Heart light was written when I was 15 as far as I remember. It is the first poem I ever showed to people other than my parents. I remember showing it to my home economics teacher who was so touched by the meaning of heart light that she immediately started making a heart out of cloth. I don’t remember to making of that heart but I do remember placing the poem in it’s plastic sleeve in the middle of the heart and sowing the heart together.

To this day I am told that mom sleeps with this heart on her pillow.

It is fitting that heart light was the first poem I showed publicly because back then mom was the main person who cared for me as my sister Bonnie had moved to her own house to stay with a family friend. I was so happy to be able to show her appreciation from my heart and soul but nothing I could ever do would be enough for all that she has been done for me!

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