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This week I attended a memorial online.

It was for three men who contributed

Massively to help grow and sustain

The Independent Living Movement in Ireland.

It was a simple memorial,

With music played to honour each person.

On the screen was a picture

Of a candle with the Irish shamrock

And the initials of the organising body:

Independent Living Movement Ireland.

The burning candle showed the struggles we all share

To make the movement grow to help so many others.

Hubert, you were one of the original seven founding members

With a great singing voice always to lead us

In song as you sang our Anthem, “The Voyage” by Christy Moore

You always had a cheerful word whenever you stopped to say Hello

John, I will never forget how you drove me

To where I was staying on respite because my transport let me down.

I couldn’t stay home where I wanted as my mom was away,

and I did not have enough hours.

You never complained. You just saw me stranded and offered me a lift.

I also heard someone recall how you asked her to be

Your plus one at a family wedding.

James, you and I were classmates of old,

Although we lost touch for many years.

You were always happy to see me whenever we met later at C.I.L. functions.

You gave me a big smile and kicked your legs in enthusiasm.

The last time I saw you was on Zoom, and even then you complimented me

On my artwork on the sitting room wall behind me.

Your humour and zest for life are remembered in spades.

I will never forget you, my old classmate!



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