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The Most Important Person

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

I would like to tell you about the most important person in my life who is my mother. I decided to write this blog because she had a significant Birthday in September this year. Her name is Pat. We talk on the phone every day, sometimes more than ones a day. She is always helping others and I am always surprise how much she can do at her age. I hear of some kind act that she has done. For example, when a neighbour of hers was away, mom made sure that her grass was cut by a local service for the elderly. Another situation was, when she visited a friend in hospital even though she could be very tired afterwards. Added to this she is a very good listener even though it is very hard for her to hear. These are just some examples of her hard-light.

You are probably wondering why I use this expression “Hard Light”. The reason is because at the age of 15 I wrote a poem trying to express the bond between myself and mom. The domestic science teacher was so impressed by the poem. She helped me make a heart and she placed the poem which was in the plastic sleeve and placed it in the middle of the heart. I brought it home to mom and she was so excited that she put it on her pillow and asked me to do something similar for dad. This request was quite difficult for me because I am person that has to be inspired to write poems. I tried my best over the years to honour this request. I am sad to say that the poem only came to me after he had his first stroke and was in hospital recovering. This poem for dad is called “The Fighter “. Even when dad health was feeling mom took care of him at home mostly by herself with a little home care support as she knew he was most happy at home. In fact I would say that he hated hospitals.

This act proves that she always puts others ahead of herself. All that is left to say is happy birthday mom.

I hope that you have many more years of full live and good health.

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